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real quick : Here are some upcoming shows – Hope to see you there – –

Thursday April 9th boxhead ensemble  at Studium (908 E. 5th St. #106) Austin, TX  

FRIDAY April 10th AUSTIN, TX  Califone Living room show :  tickets 
SATURDAY April 11th boxhead ensemble at TBA San Antonio, TX
we have some new califone music in the works right now. Very excited about the sounds and feels generated so far. this one is physical. More on that soon.
Finishing touches are happening on the Red Red Meat/ bunny gets paid reissue vinyl. you can preorder vinyl, artwork and extras here- http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/redredmeat  .  Lovely.
hope all is well and peaceful!  happy springtime!

new podcast up/red red meat vinyl/garage sale

hi people, the new podcast is up it’s called: e3 sex-life-leisure-time-for-saints-werewolves-and-invisible-men. you can listen to it here — or grab it at itunes . or stitcher  I really enjoy making these and i hope you enjoy listening to them too. please give us stars and positive ratings and please spread the word. more of these coming very soon.


we still some have stuff available for you at the garage sale and will be adding more soon.. thanks to everyone that bought stuff.  there is new califone music & film in the works. when you buy stuff it truly does help us to keep making more. you can also get more merch here and records/music here  .. (if you’re anywhere outside the US and are interested in buying a garage sale item please email : rootcrownarts@gmail.com , let us know what you want and we’ll figure out a good way to get it to you)


3 random polaroids (purple flowers & camera flash at night.. a lamp & print agitation.. a massive cake in a cardboard box). laid on a 13x4 inch piece of wood and coated in casting resin. made with love for random objects and moments that catch your eye for no apparent reason. there is only one of these on the planet. it can be yours.

califone & the holy childhood screen printed ltd. edition poster / fireside bowl, chicago nov.11, 2000. i found 13 of these in the basement. beautiful & strange print by our old friend steve w at screwball press. i remember this show. it was a good one. someone ordered a pizza during our set and the delivery man wandered through the audience while we played looking confused and lost.

califone european limited edition tour poster from november 2014 - designed and screenprinted by Steve Emshwiller at http://warpaintstudio.com/steve/ cities listed: Berlin, Savona, San Ginesio, Bologna, Roma, Napoli, Catania, Cosenza, Aquaviva delle Fonti, Livorno. this is a beauty . signed and numbered by the artist. only 99 of these were made. these are the leftovers. grab one while they last. Shipped in a cardboard tube.

painting/collage on wood - 7.5x20 inches


you can listen to idiot son(cleversley version) at stereogum – http://www.stereogum.com/1739512/red-red-meat-idiot-son-cleversley-version-stereogum-premiere/mp3s/

red red meat vinyl – bunny get’s paid vinyl + extras, art and additional tracks now available for preorder. tab_width

there’s a star above the manger tonight vinyl, art + extras out and available now!john herndon star art 12


cheers, peace & love to you & yours, TR

november califone in Berlin & Italy . red red meat reissues : digging through the dirt of the past, diving into the uncertainty of the future >while at the same time breathing the sweet&living air of the eternal present moment.

hi—- some news:  we’re very happy to be playing some shows in europe. nov.20 at the faithful festival in Berlin and a handful of shows nov.21-30 in Italy. we hope to see you there!

The line up for this tour is: Tim Rutili, Joe Westerlund, Ross Andrews & Wally Boudway

here are the dates:

NOV 20 BERLIN, Germany : FAITHFUL FESTIVAL : 9PM in UTC 01 @ Berghain:                                         Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin – tickets & info

NOV 21 SAVONA, Italy:  Raindogs House – tickets & info

NOV 22 SAN GINESIO (Macerata), Italy :  Teatro Leopardi – tickets & info

NOV 23 BOLOGNA, Italy :  Locomotiv Club – tickets & info

NOV 24 ROMA, Italy : Unplugged in Monti (acoustic show) – tickets & info

NOV 25 NAPOLI, Italy :  Cabaret Port’Alba – tickets & info

NOV 26 CATANIA, Italy :  Zò – tickets & info

NOV 28 ACQUAVIVA DELLE FONTI (Bari), Italy : Marquee Moon – tickets & info

NOV 30 LIVORNO, Italy : Teatro Aurora – tickets & info

I’ve also started working on some new califone music. I’ll let you know as soon as there is some solid news.


red red meat vinyl re-issue series:

we’re working with Rob Jones at Jealous butcher records in Portland to bring all our old red red meat records back to vinyl. over the next year we will be releasing the complete red red meat catalog (4 albums & period-specific bonus tracks, outtakes, and singles) + original artwork and other one of a kind artifacts. you can read more and order the records here:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/redredmeat

Projected release dates:
• November 11th, 2014 – There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight – 2 x LP
• March 24th, 2015 – Bunny Gets Paid – 2 x LP
• August 18th, 2015 – Jimmy Wine Majestic – 2 x LP
• October 13th, 2015 – Red Red Meat – 2 x LP & 8 LP Hand Bound Book (limited to 100 copies)

words: a long time ago i played in a band with my friends. we went through a whole lot of experiences together. some amazing times and some pretty bleak. we were always searching for something in the sounds we made; some magic or truth or beauty. sometimes we were just trying to scare ourselves into something real with the noises that we made and the weird situations that we put ourselves into.. i remember hysterical laughter and awkward silences on long hungover van rides in equal measure.. feeling like we were malformed monsters and misfits one day and the next day that we were one with the universe and tapping into the noise at the center of our human dna..  we actually hit on some true moments along the way- experienced real joy here and there and made some mistakes here and there- but there was always this very honest search. I have some mixed feelings about the past. one side is the beautiful memories of making this music and finding sounds and songs in the noise we made and the weird adventures we had together. the other side is remembering the missed opportunities, lost friends and some crazy stupid decisions. I’m still struggling with this and still searching.  going through these old records and prepping the rrm reissues with Rob and guys  brings all these joyful and terrible memories back. The four albums and all those years of touring we did as red red meat was the beginning of a foundation for me as an artist and as a human animal trying to evolve into a conscious being.  the main thing I’m realizing is we’re still on that same search. I’m grateful and truly appreciate the time and experiences i’ve had making red red meat music with brian, hurley and ben (& glynis, glenn, brad wood, the folks at sub pop and many others that contributed to our ride) – putting these records together feels like a cleansing and a reckoning. we’re doing our best to repackage these albums as beautiful objects and a true document of this time in our lives. the thing that carries me through now is the possibility of continuing the search and continuing to create music with my beautiful friends in the future. the past is okay i guess but the present and the future are the thing. there is still the possibility that someday everything will click and we’ll get it right. right? or maybe something will click and everything will just feel right and we’ll know that all the twists and turns were part of the perfection that brought us to right now. and right now is the only place to be. we hope that you will enjoy our old music and that you’ll be able to hear our search and transpose it onto your own. thanks, TR


massive post: final shows/living room ghosts:babytalk& scorn & the birth of fruit mountain.


the shows with S.Carey and The War on Drugs were pretty great. big thanks to all the people who came out. hopefully you enjoyed the music as much as we enjoyed playing.     we have 2 more shows::

Oct 1 in Albuquerque, NM solo show at the Tannex – 1417 4th St SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102. the show is at 7 and tickets will be available at the door. more info here

Oct 4 in Tucson, AZ – living room show – tickets available here

Albuquerque and Tucson will be the last shows on the stitches tour.  we did the first living room shows as a duo with me and Wil Hendricks in spring of 2013 and we’ve been mostly on the road in different configurations of califone since then.  It has been an amazing year of transcendental ups and downs, truly beautiful moments, living rooms(some cozy and some haunted), surreal truckstop encounters and a whole lot of playing music. again, thanks to all the people who enjoyed stitches and came out to shows. huge thanks to the incredible musicians that have played in the califone live band this year: Wil Hendricks, Joe Westerlund, Rachel Blumberg, Michael Krassner, Brian Deck, Ben Massarella, Jessie Stein, William Tyler,  Braden King, Craig Ross, Wally Boudway & Ross Andrews.

2. moonbath.brainsalt.a.holy.fool video by my brilliant and hilarious friends – Andrew Peyton, George McAuliffe and Mark Vannier. this makes me want to eat, watch football and cry until everything is better.     & you can watch the other videos for stitches here


3. get stitches on vinyl. it sounds better. 

4. just a few of these left.IMG_1271

5. we have vinyl reissues of the red red meat catalogue coming out this year. we’ll have specifics very soon

**** thanks again to all the great people for sticking with us,  listening and enjoying califone music and coming to shows– it’s been truly wonderful to get out and meet you beautiful weirdos this year. not sure when we’ll tour again but – Hope to see you soon.

peace & love, TR

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IMG_0074photos by Zoe Prinds-Flash from first ave, minneapolis sept.22-23


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