new album : Tim Rutili // (arroyo)Abstractions


(release date 9/28/2018 dangerbird/arthur king presents)

Track list:  01 —  coyote out of (lizard) sleep . 02 — a squid among peeling oaks . 03 — nine minutes before taken by earthquake . 04 — werewolves werewolf . 05 — parson’s weed wins devils gate . 06 — loves an albatross . 07 — zabriskie after midnight.morning coyotes.long ash(goodbye),CA

Made and played by Tim Rutili, Winter 2017/2018 

Recorded and mixed at Home, The ship, Dangerbird and Beltway Sound.

Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Ross – Mix Engineer/Co-producer – nine minutes before taken by earthquake, parson’s weed wins devil’s gate

Aaron Espinoza – Mix Engineer/Co-Producer – a squid among peeling oak, zabriskie after midnight.morning coyotes.long ash (goodbye), CA)

Michael Krassner – Mix Engineer/Co-Producer – coyote out of (lizard)sleep

Additional Musicians on zabriskie after midnight.morning coyotes.long ash(goodbye),CA)
: Peter Walker Grousbeck – Guitar, Percussion & Ted Espinoza – Percussion 

publishing : pastry sharp music/BMI administered by Rough Trade Publishing


this music is a place. a location or 3. the pictures that came while making this music were always about the abstraction of landscape.. after memory slightly,( or drastically) transforms the place into something it is or isn’t yet or was. &  the abstraction of man made structures after weather and time erodes and grows over an un-tended place.  part of the routine while making this record was a bike ride along the river. it’s not really a river. it’s a concrete ditch with a small stream of water running from South Pasadena down a few miles into LA. cracked concrete, scrubby weeds and moss growing where the water level rises in the rain and shrinks in the dryness of this place. tent encampments, scattered trash and the sounds of trees and dogs coming from the park mixing and swirling in the concrete ditch with sounds from the highway. usually relentless sunlight. i’m sure at night this place is filled with vague and insane coyotes. at night it’s probably a much different place. on that ride, picturing this place before people and after people. wondering what trees and birds are native to this beautiful but somewhat unnatural place and what trees and birds were brought from other places and planted or set free some 75 years ago to grow and breed. hope you enjoy this music. peace & love, TR

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