november califone in Berlin & Italy . red red meat reissues : digging through the dirt of the past, diving into the uncertainty of the future >while at the same time breathing the sweet&living air of the eternal present moment.

hi—- some news:  we’re very happy to be playing some shows in europe. nov.20 at the faithful festival in Berlin and a handful of shows nov.21-30 in Italy. we hope to see you there!

The line up for this tour is: Tim Rutili, Joe Westerlund, Ross Andrews & Wally Boudway

here are the dates:

NOV 20 BERLIN, Germany : FAITHFUL FESTIVAL : 9PM in UTC 01 @ Berghain:                                         Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin – tickets & info

NOV 21 SAVONA, Italy:  Raindogs House – tickets & info

NOV 22 SAN GINESIO (Macerata), Italy :  Teatro Leopardi – tickets & info

NOV 23 BOLOGNA, Italy :  Locomotiv Club – tickets & info

NOV 24 ROMA, Italy : Unplugged in Monti (acoustic show) – tickets & info

NOV 25 NAPOLI, Italy :  Cabaret Port’Alba – tickets & info

NOV 26 CATANIA, Italy :  Zò – tickets & info

NOV 28 ACQUAVIVA DELLE FONTI (Bari), Italy : Marquee Moon – tickets & info

NOV 30 LIVORNO, Italy : Teatro Aurora – tickets & info

I’ve also started working on some new califone music. I’ll let you know as soon as there is some solid news.


red red meat vinyl re-issue series:

we’re working with Rob Jones at Jealous butcher records in Portland to bring all our old red red meat records back to vinyl. over the next year we will be releasing the complete red red meat catalog (4 albums & period-specific bonus tracks, outtakes, and singles) + original artwork and other one of a kind artifacts. you can read more and order the records here:

Projected release dates:
• November 11th, 2014 – There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight – 2 x LP
• March 24th, 2015 – Bunny Gets Paid – 2 x LP
• August 18th, 2015 – Jimmy Wine Majestic – 2 x LP
• October 13th, 2015 – Red Red Meat – 2 x LP & 8 LP Hand Bound Book (limited to 100 copies)

words: a long time ago i played in a band with my friends. we went through a whole lot of experiences together. some amazing times and some pretty bleak. we were always searching for something in the sounds we made; some magic or truth or beauty. sometimes we were just trying to scare ourselves into something real with the noises that we made and the weird situations that we put ourselves into.. i remember hysterical laughter and awkward silences on long hungover van rides in equal measure.. feeling like we were malformed monsters and misfits one day and the next day that we were one with the universe and tapping into the noise at the center of our human dna..  we actually hit on some true moments along the way- experienced real joy here and there and made some mistakes here and there- but there was always this very honest search. I have some mixed feelings about the past. one side is the beautiful memories of making this music and finding sounds and songs in the noise we made and the weird adventures we had together. the other side is remembering the missed opportunities, lost friends and some crazy stupid decisions. I’m still struggling with this and still searching.  going through these old records and prepping the rrm reissues with Rob and guys  brings all these joyful and terrible memories back. The four albums and all those years of touring we did as red red meat was the beginning of a foundation for me as an artist and as a human animal trying to evolve into a conscious being.  the main thing I’m realizing is we’re still on that same search. I’m grateful and truly appreciate the time and experiences i’ve had making red red meat music with brian, hurley and ben (& glynis, glenn, brad wood, the folks at sub pop and many others that contributed to our ride) – putting these records together feels like a cleansing and a reckoning. we’re doing our best to repackage these albums as beautiful objects and a true document of this time in our lives. the thing that carries me through now is the possibility of continuing the search and continuing to create music with my beautiful friends in the future. the past is okay i guess but the present and the future are the thing. there is still the possibility that someday everything will click and we’ll get it right. right? or maybe something will click and everything will just feel right and we’ll know that all the twists and turns were part of the perfection that brought us to right now. and right now is the only place to be. we hope that you will enjoy our old music and that you’ll be able to hear our search and transpose it onto your own. thanks, TR