new podcast up/red red meat vinyl/garage sale

hi people, the new podcast is up it’s called: e3 sex-life-leisure-time-for-saints-werewolves-and-invisible-men. you can listen to it here — or grab it at itunes . or stitcher  I really enjoy making these and i hope you enjoy listening to them too. please give us stars and positive ratings and please spread the word. more of these coming very soon.


we still some have stuff available for you at the garage sale and will be adding more soon.. thanks to everyone that bought stuff.  there is new califone music & film in the works. when you buy stuff it truly does help us to keep making more. you can also get more merch here and records/music here  .. (if you’re anywhere outside the US and are interested in buying a garage sale item please email : , let us know what you want and we’ll figure out a good way to get it to you)


3 random polaroids (purple flowers & camera flash at night.. a lamp & print agitation.. a massive cake in a cardboard box). laid on a 13x4 inch piece of wood and coated in casting resin. made with love for random objects and moments that catch your eye for no apparent reason. there is only one of these on the planet. it can be yours.

califone & the holy childhood screen printed ltd. edition poster / fireside bowl, chicago nov.11, 2000. i found 13 of these in the basement. beautiful & strange print by our old friend steve w at screwball press. i remember this show. it was a good one. someone ordered a pizza during our set and the delivery man wandered through the audience while we played looking confused and lost.

califone european limited edition tour poster from november 2014 - designed and screenprinted by Steve Emshwiller at cities listed: Berlin, Savona, San Ginesio, Bologna, Roma, Napoli, Catania, Cosenza, Aquaviva delle Fonti, Livorno. this is a beauty . signed and numbered by the artist. only 99 of these were made. these are the leftovers. grab one while they last. Shipped in a cardboard tube.

painting/collage on wood - 7.5x20 inches


you can listen to idiot son(cleversley version) at stereogum –

red red meat vinyl – bunny get’s paid vinyl + extras, art and additional tracks now available for preorder. tab_width

there’s a star above the manger tonight vinyl, art + extras out and available now!john herndon star art 12


cheers, peace & love to you & yours, TR