Podcast Extra: Desert drive



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extra mix: desert drive

1. Opening // Bruce Langhorne – info

2. Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza) // tim Maia – info

3. C // so – info

4. Malibu People // John Philips – info

5. gravel specs // Terror Sheets – info

6. The Homeless Wanderer // Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou — info

7. Save Yourself // The Make-Up – info

8. Street People // bobby charles – info

9. “Zwiefaccher,” // The Ensemble Of Heinrich Baronner. Aichach, Upper Bava – info

10. lua lua lua lua //Caetano Veloso – info

11. Don’t Let Him Ride // Mississippi Nightingales – info

12. Zulu Songs Accompanied By The Musical Bow “Ugubhu,” Sung And Played By Princess // Princess magogo – info

13. Just Like a Baby // Sly & The Family Stone – info

14. Ending // Bruce Langhorne – info

(this is an older mix from 2013 during the last stages of recording the stitches LP. it originally appeared on liminal ) There’s a cassette player in my car. I have a shoebox full of tapes on the floor of the backseat and a car phone that doesn’t work. This is true. I was doing a lot of driving from LA to Phoenix while recording stitches. I’m always making that drive. There and back. This music always got me where I was going. All of it plays well with the sounds of the wind, the car and the tires on hot concrete. All of it works as a background noise to your thoughts while you’re driving or as music you can focus in on and always find something new to hear. Pomona, Ontario, Colton, Redlands, flip tape, Beaumont, Banning, nothing, Palm Springs, Indio, long, long nothing, let tape end, signs for Blythe, stop for gas, start tape again, quartzsite, get an idea, stop tape, record idea with the phone, nothing, long long nothing, cluster of broken palm trees, cactus look like people, start tape again, sun behind mountains have mercy, flip tape, buckeye, signs for Phoenix. Repeat.