heron king blues 2LP reissue + red red meat/califone nov.22&24 @ empty bottle chicago.

 red red meat/califone
NOVEMBER 22 & 24 . Chicago @ empty bottle – tickets 
– band will be Tim Rutili, Ben Massarella, Brian Deck, Tim Hurley, Wally Boudway and Ross Andrews (& possibly a few special guest players) – Set list will be pulled from both Red Red Meat and califone catalogs with a few new songs thrown in for good measure.  this probably wont happen again and will be the last show for quite a while. don’t sleep on it & hope to see you there! #EB25 celebrating the empty bottle’s 25 year anniversary!
Nov24 show is with the beautiful and all time great Joan of Arc . (we played a nye at the bottle with them in 1997/98. this will be the full circle embellished historical re-enactment)

califone // heron king blues deluxe 2LP reissue – release date dec.8. pre-order now!  – https://califone.lnk.to/heronkingblues

Side A
1 Wingbone
2 Trick Bird
3 Sawtooth Sung A Cheater’s Song
4 Apple

Side B
1 Lion & Bee
2 2 Sisters Drunk On Each Other
3 Heron King Blues

Side C
1 Outro
2 Electric Fence (Clava Live Version)
3 Sawtooth Sung A Cheater’s Song (10.11.03 – KRVX Radio, Austin, TX)
4 The Ocean Was Lungs (Faraway Bells) [0:05:37]

Side D
1 I Walk On Gilded Splinters
2 St. Martha (Clava Live Version)
3 Red (Clava Live Version)

hkb is probably our strangest fever dream. our ugly baby. it needs to be absorbed. it is it’s own planet and doesn’t need you to love it but if you do it will love you back. So happy to have the experience and memory of making this music with those particular peculiar people. thank you. krassner, becker, benny, joe, brent, wil, fred, graeme, brian, mike, chris, stiltwalker, elisa, sheila, bettina, rich and jim. thanks to all at dead oceans for making this available again and thank you for listening.  more info here


califone // roomsound deluxe 2LP

califone // quicksand/cradlesnakes 2LP

Tim Rutili  Craig Ross // guitars tuned to air conditioners

& always stitches