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very happy to share this–
magdaline : video directed and animated by Jessie Stein and Amanda Bonaiuto. Beautiful work. this makes me want to swim. it adds another strange layer to this song and more pictures and colors to the inside of my eyelids every time i sing it. Thanks Amanda and Jessie!

There are some living room shows coming up very soon. these shows are always up close and personal.i’ll bring some guitars, the fake piano & some gadgets for these shows. should be very different and very cool. some old songs and some new songs. my hands might shake a little. i wont mess your house up.i will feel the feelings and hopefully you will too.
in Chicago I’ll be joined on stage by old compadres and partners in crime Brian Deck, Ben Massarella and Craig Ross. very excited about this convergence of ferocious middle aged gentlemen, film and music .Hope to see you out there.

tour dates
SUN April 20 : Hadley MA :sold out

MON April 21 : Allston MA : tickets/info

TUE April 22 : Brooklyn NY :sold out

WED April 23 : Philadelphia PA : tickets/info

THU April 24 : Baltimore MD :sold out

FRI April 25 : Pittsburgh PA : tickets/info

SAT April 26 : Columbus OH : tickets/info

SUN April 27 : Akron OH : tickets/info

MON April 28 : Cleveland OH : tickets/info

TUE April 29 : Grand Rapids MI : tickets/info

THU May 1 : Chicago IL at First Ward : Califone live film score to Pat O’Neill’s Water and Power
: tickets and info

FRI May 2 : Madison WI :sold out
SAT May 3 : Milwaukee WI : tickets/info
SAT May 17 : Los Angeles CA : @ the echo with Wooden Indian : tickets/info
SAT June 7 : Madison WI at Yahara Place Park// Marquette Waterfront Festival

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